Small Jobs for Youth

If your teenager is looking to do odd jobs for pocket money, or if you need someone to perform the odd job for you, there is a website that can help pair you with the appropriate person. The SmallJobs “Sackgeld-Jobbörse Region Basel” (pocket money job exchange) pairs young job seekers with people looking for help and is affiliated with several of Basel’s youth centers, including Jugendzentrum Dreirosen (, Jugendzentrum Breite (, Mobile Jugendarbeit Basel (, Jugendzentrum Eglisee (, Jugendhaus Lavater (, and Badhuesli Jugend & Kultur St. Johann (

Who can offer a small, odd job and how can it be advertised? Jobs can be offered by individuals (eg, senior citizens) or families, businesses, or other institutions who need occasional help with activities such as shopping, mowing the lawn or other gardening help, washing windows, help setting up a computer or smartphone, or distributing flyers. Interested parties can register the small job on the online “Smalljobs” platform, by clicking on “Job anbieten.”

Who can apply for a pocket-money job, and what is the registration process for young people? Young people ages 13–17 can apply for a pocket-money job by registering on the Smalljobs website. To do this, youths must download the “Jugendapp” (youth app) from the app store (iOS, Android) or from Google Play. The direct link to the app is After registration, there is a short personal interview with the youth work office in charge of the job exchange, to which youths must also bring a signed parental consent form. After that, the youth’s account will be activated, and he or she can apply for advertised jobs.

For more information or to register, visit their website at