Sponsors & Donations

Corporate and Private Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of the following businesses and private individuals, without whose support the development of this website would not have been possible:

  • Bergli books, publisher of mostly English-language books in Switzerland that bridge intercultural gaps. https://www.bergli.ch/
  • Sarah Holland
  • Stephen Oliver
  • Judith van Walsum and Peter & Thomas Pânzar

Other Donors

We are incredibly grateful to all institutions, businesses, and private donors who supported our crowdfunding efforts in any way with donations big and small, including both the multitude of rewards that we could offer our supporters and the monetary donations with or without a reward.

Want to Support Us?

Basel Life has always been and continues to be a volunteer service from expats for the Basel expat community. The support of donors during our crowdfunding campaign has allowed us to develop this online platform, which now is free for everyone to use without a subscription. However, providing this platform incurs regular costs to ensure maintenance of the website and associated services that may only partially be covered through advertising income; therefore, additional sources of income to maintain and further develop this site are always gratefully received.

If you would like to support the continued efforts of our team of volunteers to provide useful information to Basel’s English-speaking community by making a donation or becoming a listed sponsor, please contact us at info@basellife.com or use the following Basel Family account:
IBAN number: CH20 0024 5245 1099 7601 W