Stay Informed and Safe With the “Alertswiss” Website and App

Although Switzerland is rarely affected by major disasters, it is good to know which dangers exist and what you need to do to protect yourself. Disaster can strike at any time. Luckily, there is “Alertswiss,” a website and mobile app issued by the Swiss federal government to help you plan for and stay safe in an emergency. The website provides information about hazards that you may encounter in Switzerland, from storms and threats of high waters/winds, heatwaves, cold spells, forest fires, or earthquakes to mobile communication failure, chemical or nuclear plant accident, forest fires, pandemic, or dam accident. For each of these hazards, the website explains what the issues are, what it means for you, and how you should respond. It also describes the various alarms that you may hear from the public sirens and what to do when you hear them, and it helps you develop your personal emergency plan.

The Alertswiss app provides much of the same information. It also sends you alerts, warnings, and information in real time, tailored to your location. If you live in Switzerland, you should download the free app and input your location. Whether there is a storm coming, a threat of flooding, or a chemical or nuclear plant accident in your area, you will be informed in real time. The free app is available for iOS and Android through their website or directly from your app store. Website and app are available in German, French, Italian, and English. Stay safe!