Summer Swim Classes

The Sports Department Basel-Stadt offers swim classes for kids ages 5–13 in the outdoor pools and one indoor pool (Bäumlihof) around Basel during the summer months. Classes run daily for 2 weeks (10 lessons), irrespective of weather, and cost CHF 50 for kids living in Basel-Stadt and CHF 70 for kids who reside in other cantons.

The first session runs from July 1-12, with a registration deadline on May 31, so register quickly! The second session runs from July 29-August 9 (including on the holiday on August 1), and registration for these classes is open until June 28. Go to their website to fill out the registration form by clicking on “Online-Anmeldung Sommer-Schwimmkurse.”

You will need to indicate the desired class/level in which you would like to register your child (not the level they have already achieved). These are designated by color:

You will also need to indicate your preferred pool and time, although you are not guaranteed your desired slot.

Note that at Gartenbad Bachgraben, they are offering swim classes for adults in parallel to the children’s swim classes; register for those online by clicking on “Online-Anmeldung Schwimmkurse für Erwachsene.” The pool at St. Jakob offers aqua-jogging for adults at the same time as the children’s swim class; register for aqua-jogging by clicking on “Anmeldeflyer Aqua-Jogging” and filling out the PDF.