Swiss Post’s New Prices for Letters and Parcels

After approval by the price regulator, Swiss Post has raised their prices for letters and parcels (both regular and registered), as of January 1, 2024. The increases had become necessary because of the continuing decline in mail volumes and over-the-counter transactions, as well as the current inflation, all of which have considerably increased Swiss Post’s expenses for energy, transport, materials, and salaries. As a result, prices for domestic postage are now as follows:

The costs for international postage have also gone up. Standard letters (up to 20 g) are now CHF 1.90 to Europe (Zone 1) and CHF 2.50 to all other countries (Zone 2). The cost of sending parcels internationally has also increased, and is dependent on the size, weight, and Zone. Click on the following websites for the costs of sending small parcels up to 2 kg ( and large parcels abroad (  

While most costs have increased, there are some cost-saving novelties this year. For instance, customers who create the shipping labels of their parcels online (, through the Swiss Post app, or at the My Post 24 machines will now benefit from a fixed discount of CHF 1.50 per parcel. Customers can also now send standard letters and “midi letters” with a thickness between 2 cm and 5 cm as “letters with format surcharge,” with a surcharge of CHF 2.00 per consignment rather than as a more expensive parcel.

As of January 1, you can buy stamps with the new values. However, the old stamps also still remain valid; simply purchase stamps with values of 5, 10, or 20 Rappen to bridge the difference between the previous and new prices. You can also create your own personalized WebStamps online; find out how at