Switzerland Says Goodbye to Pink Payment Slips

Switzerland’s pink and orange payment slips are as Swiss as SBB railway clocks and yellow hiking path signs. But as of 30 September 2022, you will no longer be able to make payments in Switzerland using these slips but instead have to use payment slips featuring a black and white Quick Response (QR) code.

Since the introduction of the QR code as a payment method in Switzerland in June 2020, more and more companies have been making the transition from the traditional pink slips to the “Swiss Code.” The QR code allows payment slips to be read electronically by smartphones and other devices so that payment information can be sent directly to financial institutions using online banking. While to date it has been possible to pay with either the pink slip or the QR-code method, starting next month, the pink payment slips will be phased out completely, and all Swiss companies will only be able to issue QR bills.

This type of modern change is not always initially embraced, particularly by the elderly population; however, feedback thus far has been that QR codes make the process easier for both companies and payers. All information for the payment is integrated in the QR codes as well as being clearly printed on the QR bill. The bills are now only in black and white, making it easier for the eye to read and cheaper to print. QR codes can easily be scanned with your smartphone, which means that you no longer need to type in the account and reference numbers. There is only one type of QR bill, rather than the currently accepted seven variants of the pink/orange/red payment slips. In addition to all of these advantages for the users, the QR code payment system also makes it easier to track money transfers, which is in line with the Swiss Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. If you have yet to make the switch and want to know more about how to do it, check out your financial institution’s website for more information.