The Mini-Bebbi Sagg Is Here!

As of February 1, Basel’s official blue garbage bag—the Bebbi Sagg—is also available in a smaller, 10-liter size. According to Canton Basel-Stadt, which currently offers trash bags in sizes of 17, 35, and 60 liters, the need for a smaller-sized bag has been frequently expressed by the urban population. The new Bebbi Sagg is now available in retail stores in rolls of 20 for CHF 14, which translates to a unit price of 70 Rappen.

© kanton basel-stadt/oliver mccarvil

The trash that is collected in the blue garbage bags is incinerated in Basel’s incineration facility, which can be seen from anywhere in the region with its large red and white striped chimney that dominates the skyline in the northwest corner of Basel. The heat generated during this process is used to produce steam that drives turbines and generates electricity for district households. In addition, the extracted heat also warms 45,000 households through a 223-km pipeline network, as well as numerous small and large businesses.

Since the introduction of the fee sack in 1993, the annual amount of household waste that is incinerated has steadily decreased. This is not due to a decrease in consumption but rather to an increase in the recycling of valuable materials and composting of food scraps. Essentially, the more we recycle, the less trash we have to put in the bag. The introduction of the mini trash bags is practical for households that generate little waste, for people who want to dispose of their trash more frequently to reduce odors in the home, as well as for the elderly population as they should in theory be less heavy to carry.

Note that Basel is the first city in Switzerland to offer the 10-liter fee bag!