The Swiss Post Raises Postage for Letters

Despite the high increases in Swiss salaries (17%), living/energy costs (22%), and health insurance premiums (45%) since 2004, the Swiss Post hasn’t increased the price of sending a letter in Switzerland for the past 18 years—until now. Starting on January 01, 2022, the Swiss Post has increased their price for sending a letter (up to 100 g) within Switzerland from CHF 1.00 to CHF 1.10 for A-Post, and from CHF 0.85 to CHF 0.90 for B-Post. Prices for letters abroad have also increased by CHF 0.30 in most cases. For example, for a standard letter up to 20 g, the price has gone from CHF 1.50 to CHF 1.80 within Europe and from CHF 2.00 to CHF 2.30 for the rest of the world. The price for parcels however will remain unchanged in order to support Swiss companies during these difficult times.

The 5-Rappen increase in the cost of B-Post letters means that the post office now has to print a 5-Rappen stamp to bridge the gap between the previous price of 85 Rappen the new price of 90 Rappen. Of course, you can purchase the new 90-Rappen and CHF 1.10 stamps, but if you still have some stamps left over from last year, be sure to stop by the post office and purchase some of the new 5- or 10-Rappen stamps to make up for the difference.

To figure out how much you need to pay for that letter or package, especially with the new prices, check their online postage calculator at