Trailcenter Aesch — Fun for Mountain Bike Enthusiasts

Last fall, the first mountain bike trail center in northwest Switzerland opened in Aesch at the Löhrenacker area. It is geared towards mountain bike enthusiasts of all ages (from 2-75) and skill level (beginner to expert). The center offers eight trail sections at five levels of difficulty, including the very easy “Laufradrunde” (running wheel trail); the easy main trail; the intermediate balance zone; three difficult rock and step trails; a difficult jump trail; and a very difficult sharp-turn trail.

During the construction of the trail center, they also paid attention to conservation of the natural environment, seeking to promote sustainability and biodiversity so that the area can become a hotspot for local plants and animals. The 4,800 m2 area offers the basis for hedges, trees, grassy areas, and plants to attract bees. The rain water from the neighboring parking lot is collected and diverted to the trail center to create some valuable wet areas. They also tried to source only local materials and redistribute the soil in order to minimize transport of materials.

To help sustain the Trail Center and its upkeep, users are asked to purchase a day pass for CHF 5 for individuals  / CHF 10 for families (currently, the only payment option is through Twint).

The Trail Center is run by the organization Trailnet Nordwestschweiz, which also maintains bike trails in Arlesheim, Sissach, Gempen, and St. Chrischona, as well as a pump track in Horburgpark in Basel.