Trees in Basel — Green in Urban Change

© kanton basel-stadt

Museum Kleines Klingental
Until March 12, 2023

The meaning of trees in the city is closely linked to their origin in the forest. This has led to the development of many tree myths, because our life is not possible without trees. This exhibition entitled “Bäume in Basel. Das Grün im urbanen Wandel” (Trees in Basel—Green in Urban Change), which is dedicated to trees over 1,000 years of Basel history, expresses this notion. For example, the “court linden” (linden tree under which court trials were held) symbolized the prosperity and protection in the medieval community. In the different phases of urban development, the tree has always been at the center as a means of urban beautification, an expression of the zeitgeist, and a design form in green areas. It was only when cemeteries were repurposed and city walls were demolished that the idea of urban green spaces was linked to the architectural statement of new urban planning, which today has to take into consideration problematic global warming.

Museum Kleines Klingental
Unterer Rheinweg 26
4058 Basel