Velospot Basel—Basel’s New Bike Rental System

Basel has a new bike rental system: the Velospot Basel rental system is now operating with 100 bikes. Around 35% of Basel residents do not have their own bike and those who do, may not always have them when and where they need one. The bike rental system remedies this and helps to increase the proportion of environmentally friendly means of transport in the volume of traffic. Rental bikes that are used several times a day also relieve the public space, especially in the city center and at the train stations.

The new offer is aimed at locals, commuters, and tourists. Anyone who needs a bike quickly should find one all over the city in the future. The vehicle fleet includes classic bicycles and e-bikes (up to 25 km/h) which can rented and parked at appropriately marked stations. Initially, 100 bicycles will be available at 40 stations, most of which are existing bicycle parking spaces. In places where demand is particularly high, such as at public transport stops or in district centers, new stations are being set up exclusively for the new rental bikes. The close-knit network of stations enables users to find a bike easily and to park it in an orderly manner.

If you want to rent a bike, you can register on the Velospot website (DE, FR, IT, EN) and look for the next station. The bikes are opened with a number code or with a user card. Costs are CHF 2.90 for a 30-minute ride on a classic bike and CHF 3.80 for a 15-minute ride on an e-bike. Cheaper rates can be obtained by choosing one of the annual subscriptions that are attractive to regular users. By August 2022, the bicycle fleet will be expanded to 2,000 bikes at 350 stations throughout the city. An expansion of Velospot Basel beyond the city limits is also being considered.