World of Dinosaurs

Langenbruck, Baselland

Since April 15, Langenbruck in Baselland is boasting a new attraction called “World of Dinosaurs,” where visitors can journey into a world that existed over 100 million years ago. Sixty life-sized dinosaur models, faithfully reconstructed under scientific supervision, will both amaze and educate visitors, with in-depth information based on the latest scientific evidence. Experience up close the 8 m-high tyrannosaurus rex, the 2-ton triceratops with its baby, the 30 m-long diplodocus, stegosaurus, torosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, dimetrodon, iguanodon, parasaurolophus, or maiasaurus… all of the best-known dinosaurs will be there. The descendants  of the dinosaurs will also be part of the exhibit, including the mammoth, sloth, and saber-toothed tiger, which have become popular again due to the “Ice Age” movies. In addition to the educational aspect, “Dinoworld” also offers lots of fun for kids, including a “Dinoride” as well as an excavation site for little hobby archaeologists.

The exhibit is set up in Langenbruck, near the corner of Erikaweg and Kirchgasse, next to the Mehrzweckhalle (multi-purpose hall). It is open daily from 10:00-18:00. Since the exhibit is located outdoors, it is recommended that you wear sturdy shoes.

Admission is CHF 12 for adults, CHF 8 for kids ages 3–13, CHF 10 for students and retirees (bring I.D.).