Aktiv! mit Vereinen—Sword Fighting


“Aktiv! mit Vereinen” (Active with Clubs) is a summer program offered by Gsünder Basel (Healthier Basel), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of good health for people in the Basel area. This open-air offer is free to the interested public and is aimed at giving sports clubs the unique opportunity to present their passion to a broader audience and likewise for those interested in sports to be able to try out new sports and activities without obligation.
On this evening, you can try the sport of sword fighting with the Freifechter Basel club, a professional association for historical martial arts (https://www.freifechter.ch/). The club offers armed and unarmed martial arts from the European tradition with a focus on unarmored sword fighting as it was practiced between the 14th and 19th centuries. Intrigued? Simply come by and give it a try.
Everyone is welcome and participation is free; no pre-registration is required.


4056 Basel

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