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Kaserne Basel
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For nine days, the area around Kaserne is taken over by what many Baslers consider the biggest event of the summer—the Basel Tattoo. The event, which is celebrating its 16th anniversary this year, is the world’s second-largest and one of the most spectacular open-air tattoos. The whole Kaserne, which once served as military barracks, will be transformed into a stage for drum corps from all corners of the world, including bands from royal houses, that put on spectacular shows with drumming, original choreography, lights, costumes, and colors.
Audiences will be haunted by the Scottish Highland sounds of the Massed Pipes & Drums, moved by world-famous catchy tunes, rocked by classics of pop and rock history, and impressed by military-style music performed while the musicians march in complicated patterns. The Basel Tattoo, which will be celebrating its 17th anniversary this year, is the world’s second-largest and one of the most spectacular open-air tattoos. Audiences can look forward to a mix of modern, traditional, and new elements. From a powerful youth choir from the United States and the Big Bike Orchestra from Poland to Asian precision and the power band from Down Under, the approximately 1,000 participants promise fantastic entertainment for the eyes and ears. The Massed Pipes and Drums are an international association of 200 bagpipers and drummers who come from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, Malta, Great Britain, and Switzerland.
The event will be accompanied by a mini street-food festival as the whole street that lines the Kaserne will be bustling with beer stands and food tents offering culinary treats to suit everyone’s tastes. It’s a great place to gather and indulge before and/or after the shows and to meet the musicians and performers from the shows up close and personal. Access to the Tattoo Street is possible without a ticket.
The Basel Tattoo summer spectacle will also include a fabulous parade through the city streets on July 20 and a children’s day where kids can get some hands-on Tattoo experience from the professionals themselves on July 27.
Tickets for the shows at 21:00/21:30 are CHF 59.90-160.00 (half price for children up to age 9). The early shows at 17:00 on Saturday, July 20 and 27, are CHF 44.90-140.00, free for kids under age 10, and half price for kids ages 10-16. Tickets can be purchased through their online ticket shop, via Ticketcorner, or at the Basel Tattoo Shop at Schneidergasse 27 in Basel.

To learn more about the origins of the Basel Tattoo, check out our article, "The Basel Tattoo."


Kaserne Basel
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