Baselbieter Genusswochen (Baselland’s Indulgence Weeks)

Various Locations

The Baselbieter Genusswochen are all about the enjoyment of food and eating and are designed to showcase the richness of the flavors and the variety of a pleasurable diet—a diet where the products, the person who manufactures or processes them, and the area from which they come all have meaning. Its main goals include bringing awareness to the diversity of food and nutritional cultures, increasing consumer awareness of the quality and seasonality of the products, sensitizing young generations to the simple enjoyment of food and eating together, showing the importance of a diverse and balanced diet for health, preserving culinary traditions, promoting culinary innovations, giving recognition to the craftsmanship and know-how, and enabling visitors to discover quality products.
Every year, a “specialty of the year” is selected and featured at the Genusswochen. For the 2023 edition, the highly sought-after truffle takes the stage. The truffle is one of the most expensive and important culinary mushrooms. It grows underground in symbiosis with deciduous trees and has to be searched for with truffle dogs (formerly pigs). In Switzerland there is a great demand for native truffles, which cannot be met by searching for wild truffles. A truffle plantation through the cultivation of deciduous trees is an opportunity to expand the regional supply of truffles. Several truffle plantations have emerged in the Baselland region in the recent past.
During this year’s Baselbieter Genusswochen, select restaurants will be presenting menus where guests will have many opportunities to discover the heavenly truffle ( There will also be numerous interesting events are planned around the truffle ( Be sure to visit the gourmet market in Liestal from 08:00-16:00 on Saturday, September 23, where around 20 truffle specialists from all over Switzerland will come to exhibit in the old town and offer their precious products (
The Baselbieter Genusswochen are for children, young people, men, women, families, and everyone who likes to eat and get to know quality products, taking their time to taste and enjoy. Visit their website for a complete list of all events taking place in each location on each day.


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