Hakan Başar Trio

Hotel Schützen, Rheinfelden
© stefano barni
Monday, 09 October

Hakan Başar, who was born in 2004, began playing the piano at age 8. He gave his first concert at age 10 in the 5th Pera Music Festival. After continuing his music studies, he made his first studio recordings at İTÜ MİAM in 2015 and gave a concert at the Istanbul Jazz Festival at age 12. As of 2017, he had met musicians such as Ron Carter, Russell Malone, Eddie Gomez, Donald Vega, and especially Chick Corea, who admires Hakan's talent, and with whom he had the opportunity to give a workshop before a concert in Istanbul.
After the album launch "On Top of the Roof," the opening concert of the London Jazz Festival was the second stop for Hakan. The concert on November 15, 2019 took place at the Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho and received great attention in the British press, just like the broadcast of the album tracks on Jazz FM, one of the most important jazz radio stations in the world.
Tickets are CHF 40.


Hotel Schützen
Bahnhofstrasse 19
4310 Rheinfelden

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