Hiking by the Full Moon

Various Locations
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Saturday, 16 July

See and experience the Swiss hiking landscape in a different light—in the moonlight! On guided hikes, participants can immerse themselves in a nocturnal world that has much more to offer than long shadows and sparkling stars. The non-profit organization Schweizer Wanderwege launched the Schweizer Wandernacht (Swiss Hiking Night) in 2006. Since then, every year hundreds of participants put on their hiking boots when day gives way to night and the full moonlight shows the way. This 16th edition of the Swiss Hiking Night offers over 60 guided hikes in all four language regions. The offers range from walks at sunset to demanding night walks for the ambitious hiker. Whether following in the footsteps of the Schellen-Ursli, marveling at the Martinsloch at full moon, getting a glimpse into the alpine life during a break, or exploring the architecture of the city in 20 hours—a wide range of options is available. Other offerings include activities such as yoga, midnight barbecue, summit breakfasts, or storytelling. The hikes can be selected by region, duration, and suitability for families; they are all posted on their website.


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