International Ocean Film Tour

Volkshaus Basel
Monday, 09 May

The International Ocean Film Tour shows the best sea documentaries and immersive water-sports action of the year. This year’s edition, Volume 8, takes you out to sea with visually stunning stories, inspiring people, and spectacular shots! The exclusive film program includes five documentaries with a total running time of about 2 hours, not including a 30-min break.
“Shobe Surfs” is the story of Shobe Mehraz, who is part of the only surf club on the Bangladeshi coast where girls are allowed to surf. Her love of surfing gives her the strength to pursue her dream.
In “The Deep Med,” marine biologist and photographer Laurent Ballesta embarks on a diving mission to document the fascinating and little-explored ecosystem at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Drift along with him through the gardens of coral reef, see the common squid mating, and watch peacock feather worms fish for plankton.
“Cold Water Therapy” is about three surfers—Remy, Josh, and Jake—who have had enough of the crowded surf spots of their Australian homeland. Their search for empty waves takes them to the other side of the world—to Alaska, in the middle of a frozen winter. With snowstorms, seasickness, and cold feet, many new challenges await the three who can't wait to jump into the icy water.
In “Storm Ride,” the toughest sailing regatta in the world takes Hamburg native Boris Hermann around the globe—non-stop and without assistance. Completely on his own for the 80-day journey, Hermann must rely on his yacht. Despite repeated mechanical issues and technical failures, it becomes apparent in the first third of the race that the Vendée Globe newcomer is able to keep up with his far more experienced competitors, until an unexpected event scuppers his hopes for a possible debut victory.
“Into the Ice” explores what will happen if our Earth continues to warm. How fast will sea levels rise as glaciers melt? To collect more data, glaciologist Alun Hubbard is embarking on an expedition into the ice, where he boldly abseils into the glacier's depths.
Tickets are CHF 27.


Volkshaus Basel
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