Jugend Zirkus Robiano — Arlesheim

Zirkuswiese, Arlesheim
20:00 (Fri.) | 14:00 & 19:00 (Sat.) | 11:00 (Sun.)

The Jugend Zirkus Robiano (Youth Circus Robiano) is small, nonprofit circus presented by youths for youths. The artists are about 20 children ages 10-17 who practice all year and go on tour for 2 weeks each fall. They will be performing their new show at various locations in Basel-Stadt and Baselland, including for 3 days in Arlesheim.
Entrance is free, but donations are welcome. You can reserve tickets by calling 078-610-9694 between 12:00-13:30; reserved tickets must be picked up 30 minutes before the show.


Kulturzirkus Arlesheim, Zirkuswiese
Mattweg 57
4144 Arlesheim

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