Stimmen Festival — alt-J / A.S. Fanning & Band

Marktplatz Lörrach
© george muncey
Friday, 14 July

The band alt-J is currently one of the most successful British acts. The four albums by Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton, and Thom Sonny Green have sold more than two million copies, and their songs have been streamed more than two—and-a -half billion times. Their songs regularly climb to the top of the charts, their records are nominated for awards, and they thrilled audiences at the O2 Arena in London and Madison Square Garden in New York. Their current tour takes the musicians around the world. The only stopover in Germany so far is at the STIMMEN stage on the Marktplatz in Lörrach. In their luggage, the Brits have their new album "The Dream”—a record that is inspired by true-crime and Hollywood stories, but also expresses very personal moments of the musicians. It is a "grandiose collection of artfully orchestrated American reveries" (Rolling Stone), where beauty and darkness often collide in the same track, merging beat by beat.
Dark, melancholic, apocalyptic—the genre folk-noir fits Irish musician A.S. Fanning better than almost any other. In combination with his dark baritone voice, somewhere between Nick Cave and Stuart Staples, musically complemented with a range from Adam Green to New Wave, Fanning succeeds in touching the audience in a profound way. With his new album "Mushroom Cloud," the musician, who has been living in Berlin since 2011, returns to a permanent band line-up.
Tickets are € 64.


79539 Lörrach

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