Wild Neighbors of Both Basels

Ongoing Event
© jan furler
Sat., 04 November until Sun., 14 January

Deer, hare, fox, badger, and beaver are the “Big 5” of the cantons Basel-Stadt and Baselland and the protagonists of the photo competition “Big 5 wanted!” How far do deer venture into villages and cities? At which edges of the forest do fox and hare say goodnight to each other? Where does the beaver build its lodges? And in which gardens can you find the badger on its nightly tours?
Together with the population, the exhibition “Wilde Nachbarn Beider Basel” (Wild Neighbors of Both Basels) is trying to find answers to these questions. They held a photo competition entitled “Big5 Gesucht!” where submissions were accepted until mid-September. The Museum.BL is now showing all submitted images in this new exhibition.


Zeughausplatz 28
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