Fare Changes on the TNW Public Transport System

The cost of public transport in Switzerland is going up, and that includes the Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz (TNW) that provides public transport in Basel and surrounding areas. When the timetable changed on December 10, 2023, the TNW increased their fare prices by an average of 4.4%. The last increase occurred 7 years ago, and the accumulated inflation since then is estimated at 6.9%. The increases in operating costs are driven by higher costs for wages, interest expenses, maintenance, and energy/fuel. The TNW also notes that there have been significant improvements for customers since the last fare increase, including the added validity of the U-Abo trinationally without extra charge (since 2021); the flexible start day to the U-Abo; and the general expansion to the public transport system, including new vehicle fleet, new technologies such as e-busses, improvements to passenger information systems, and ticket purchasing options via mobile phone apps.

Here are some of the main points of the various fare changes, which least affect loyal customers; there are also some changes in the ticket conditions that may be advantageous to you.

Note that even after these latest fare adjustments, the TNW has favorable rates compared nationally, both for single trips and for subscriptions. The TNW is also one of the few collective bargaining associations in Switzerland that caters to senior citizens and welfare (IV) recipients.

For more information on TNW ticket prices, see https://www.tnw.ch/en/tickets-und-preise-uebersicht.