Big Daddy Wilson

Atlantis Basel
Thursday, 27 April

Big Daddy Wilson, the world-renowned bluesman from North-Carolina, has made a name for himself over the years in the European blues scene with his excellent albums, including “Love is the Key” (2009), “Thumb a Ride” (2011), “I'm Your Man” (2013), “Time” (2015), “Neck Bone Stew” (2017), “Songs from the Road" (2018), and “Deep in My Soul” (2019). All of these albums paved the way for his latest work, “Hard Time Blues.”
Wilson feels that with “Deep in My Soul” he brought his career stylistically full circle, saying of his incredible story, "I see it as a journey. It's the journey of a man who found himself, who traveled the world of blues and made it back home after 25 years.” But the journey was not meant to end here. Wilson's latest album picks up the journey where it left off in 2019 and write new stories. "Hard Time Blues” reflects the times we are living in right now and what those times bring—the pandemic, poverty, injustice, and other hardships. It shows a new side of Wilson; blues, soul, R&B, country, and gospel all find their place on this album. Willie Dixon already said, "Blues is the root, everything else is the fruit."
Wilson stated that with the new album, he intended to show a more modern side, to incorporate the influence that R&B had on him over the last few years, while staying connected to his roots and the blues. “Hard Time Blues” is filled with love, faith and hope and wants to convey the simple message that we need to let love into our hearts because we need each other.
Tickets are CHF 38 in advance and CHF 43 at the door.


Atlantis Basel
Klosterberg 13
4051 Basel

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