Martha High & The Soul Cookers

Hotel Schützen, Rheinfelden
Sunday, 26 June

“Goddess of Soul” Martha High explores her musical heritage and ongoing musical journey, brining good vibes and funk with her Soul Cookers! Her credentials as one of James Brown's closest associates (touring with him for 30 years) and as part of his historic contribution to the history of soul music is unquestionable. She was with Brown at the famous Boston Gardens concert (April 1968) the night after the assassination of Martin Luther King, when Brown prevented further riots with his mere presence and positive words, as well as on other famous occasions, such as the "Rumble in the Jungle" concert in Zaire that followed the famous boxing fight between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali in Kinshasa and was attended by 60,000 people. High’s tremendous vocal power is also evident on her 2016 solo album "Singing for the Good Times." Martha High and her band promise an experience full of groove and soul at this special daytime event that includes a 3-course meal and apero in the garden of the Hotel Schützen!
Tickets are CHF 80/90 (members/non-members, which includes the meal); reservations can be made only through the Hotel Schützen at 061-836-2525.


Hotel Schützen
Bahnhofstrasse 19
4310 Rheinfelden

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