Mike and the Moonpies

Kurbrunnensaal Rheinfelden
Monday, 24 April

Imagine you are on the road in a covered wagon on a late afternoon in Texas. You are overwhelmed by the vastness of the breathtaking landscape, by the pristine and lonely areas. The great wide steppes, the gigantic sandstone rocks, and the many wildflowers light up in the glowing evening sun. In the distance an almost abandoned cowboy settlement appears and the light breeze carries the smell of BBQ and the unmistakable sound of a country band to you. Mike and the Moonpies bring that breath of fresh air to the Texas music scene.
For the past several years, Mike and the Moonpies have been earning their name as a top-notch honky-tonk formation that gets all the dancehalls in Texas moving. Whether hardcore two step, western swing, Doug Sahm’s cosmic American music, or ballads in the style of George Strait—the band enlivens the music scene of Texas and the United States with their music. They are among the best live bands in country music.
With the album "Cheap Silver & Solid Country Gold" released in 2019, Mike and the Moonpies finally lifted themselves into the highest musical spheres. The disc was recorded in the legendary Abbey Road Studios, with the support of the London Symphony Orchestra. With the last two albums "Touch of You" and "One to Grow on," the formation impressively confirmed its outstanding musicality.
This extraordinary band will be coming to Switzerland for the first time. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy one of the currently best country bands live in Rheinfelden.
Tickets are CHF 49.


4310 Rheinfelden

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