Children’s Theater — Schyssdräggziigli 2023

Theater Arlecchino

Theater Arlecchino’s small but sweet pre-Fasnacht story will be presented for the third time in 2023. The "Schyssdräggziigli" clique is looking forward to the Basler Fasnacht and, like every year, is preparing for the "drey scheenschte Dääg" (three most beautiful days). There's still a lot of practice needed with piccolo and drums, the costumes have to be tailored, and the satirical poems distributed by the clique (the “Zeedel”) must be rhymed. And of course they want to have fun! But not everyone enjoys the clique’s preparations. The opera singer Maria Anna Sofia, who lives in the same house, feels disturbed by so much carnival music. She complains that she cannot prepare for her concert that way. And when Toni vo Lampebärg shows up at the Schyssdräggziigli and wants to redeem his raffle prize from the Swiss wrestling festival ESAF, the chaos is complete... This 1-hour piece of family theater will be presented in Basel dialect.
Tickets are CHF 22 for adults and CHF 17 for kids (CHF 17 and CHF 12 for holders of the Familienpass).


Theater Arlecchino
Walkeweg 122
4052 Basel

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