Children’s Theater — The Valiant Tailor

Fauteuil Theater / Tabourettli

The ensemble of the Fauteuil fairy tale stage will be performing the funny and exciting story about the "Valiant Tailor" by the Brothers Grimm.
In the land of the forgetful King Kronzack there are three terrible plagues: the stupid giants Knorxel and Knurxel crush everything that gets in their way. And what the two giants leave behind is pierced by the unicorn or trampled to the ground by the angry wild boar. In order to rid his country of these plagues, the king offers his pretty daughter, Princess Goldhaar, in marriage to the hero who can defeat the three monsters.
When the cunning master tailor Fädeli hears about this reward, he courageously and full of energy goes into battle against the three plagues. He presents himself as a great hero at the royal court and boasts that he had has killed seven in one fell swoop. However, the tailor not only conceals his origins, but also the fact that the vanquished enemies were only flies that wanted to compete with him for his morning honey sandwich.
Accompanied by the anxious head steward Hasenfuss, who is also very interested in the princess, and the two maids Trineli and Stineli, Master Fädeli embarks on the great adventure. He finds the three plagues in the deep forest and fights them with a lot of cunning, courage, and luck. Until the wonderful fairy tale story arrives at its predetermined happy ending, the protagonists experience many tricky, funny, and exciting situations. The performance will be in dialect and will last about 100 minutes (including a 15-minute break).
Tickets cost CHF 20-30 for kids and CHF 25-35 for adults.


Theater Fauteuil / Tabourettli
Spalenberg 12
4051 Basel

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