Collective Lovemusic — Nightmare

Gare du Nord
© gregory massat
Wednesday, 15 November

Nightmares have always fascinated mankind. They are fragments and anecdotes from our waking lives that are transformed and distorted by our own brains to reveal our deepest fears of the monsters in our lives. These monsters take many forms and permeate every aspect of our existence, be it society, politics, or even art. In “Nightmare,” Collective Lovemusic explores a series of nightmares in a classic horror film three-act structure, ranging from online bullying to the agonies of being an artist to the horror of the current political situation in Ukraine.
The program opens with a solo viola piece by Ted Hearne inspired by American folk music. This seemingly has nothing to do with the rest of the program, but all good horror films begin by giving us a false sense of security! But then we realize that all is not as it seems, and we move through a series of nightmares: Nightmares in waking life, the monsters that haunt us in our sleep, and finally the realization that reality is a nightmare. This concert will be presented at the Gare du Nord by Collective Lovemusic (
Adult tickets are CHF 15-35 (your choice) and CHF 10 for members of Colourkey and children under age 12.


Gare du Nord
Schwarzwaldallee 200
4058 Basel

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