LIEDBasel Festival — Recital Songs From Ukraine

Don Bosco Basel
Friday, 21 April

The festival LIEDBasel (SONGBasel), which will run this year from April 19-23, is a contemporary and interdisciplinary examination of the art form of song. Song reflects everyday life in different centuries and different facets. It tells and sings about the individual who tries to assert themselves in society. Unlike an aria, the song is already the entire narrative. It is negotiated in just a few minutes, which is what makes the song so extraordinary and distinctive. In this 5-day festival, song specialists as well as experts in completely different fields will touch on various topics around the song. The festival consists of six formats—academy, recital, salon, laboratory, on demand, and education. These different approaches are intended to be inspiring for both the performers and the audience. The individual events offer opportunities for exchange and reflection. Consult the website to peruse the whole program at
This evening’s concert is entitled “An die Musik” (To the music) and is a recital of songs from Ukraine. The fundraising project "Song Recitals in Times of War," which was successfully launched last year, has spread far and wide. Three concerts in Irpin and Kyiv could already be realized; more will follow. Now the four musicians have been invited to Basel to play the touching song recital live in front of the Swiss audience. An invitation from the heart! The program will include pieces by Mykola Lysenko, Franz Schubert, Krill Stetsenko, Richard Strauss, Mykola Dremliuha, Felix Mendelssohn, and others.
Admission is free, but donations to benefit the concerts in Ukraine are requested!


Don Bosco Basel
Waldenburgerstrasse 34
4052 Basel

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