Martin Tingvall — When Light Returns

Fachwerk Allschwil
Saturday, 06 May

At the start of the pandemic, the world suddenly seemed to stand still—as if humanity was holding its breath. At the same time, spring in northern Europe was unusually beautiful—the sun shone for weeks, the buds of plants and insects came to life earlier than usual after the long Scandinavian winter. Martin Tingvall was stranded at his home in southern Sweden during this special time and composed his new solo album there within a few days. "I was out in nature a lot. During this human standstill, the power of nature seemed all the stronger to me—like a sign that wanted to show us humans not to give up. The compositions were created within a few days and then I also recorded them directly. For me, this album is like a symbol of hope. Even when it seems that things won't go on, even after the darkest winter, the light returns in the spring." Learn more about the artist at
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Fachwerk Allschwil
Baslerstrasse 48
4123 Allschwil

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