Motionhouse — Nobody

Burghof Lörrach
© dan tucker
20:00 | 18:00

With the multimedia dance-circus production "Nobody," the British company Motionhouse explores the tension between our inner life and outer perception. Packed with visual magic, the world on stage transforms before our eyes. Digital projections and Kevin Finnan's fast-paced choreography create an ever-changing environment where nothing is as it seems. Motionhouse's famous dance-circus style combines with mesmerizing visual effects and optical illusions at the New Year's Eve show in the Burghof. Spherical sounds and minimalist repetitions harmonize perfectly with the dance actions. You follow seven characters on their journey of self-discovery to find strength and support in each other, while a group of curious crows question their every move. As they search for answers, their surroundings continually unravel. "Nobody" is a compelling and strikingly visual adventure with a great many topical references. This production is for families and children ages 7 and up.
Tickets are € 34-52 for adults and € 12 for youths.


Burghof Lörrach
Herrenstrasse 5
79539 Lörrach

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