Paier/Valcic Trio “Fractal Beauty”

Dorfkirche Riehen
Tuesday, 10 May

The Austrian accordionist Klaus Paier and the Croatian cellist Asja Valcic have been inspiring the music world for more than a decade. Jazzthing praised the duo as an example of “how timeless and borderline music can be played with jazz as a basis. Listening to each other, communicating, knitting the other's ideas further.” For "Fractal Beauty," the two are now expanding their sound cosmos with Gerald Preinfalk, a woodwind player from Vienna, who has the Vienna Art Orchestra as well as the Vienna Philharmonic in his vita. Bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, and clarinet add carefully coordinated tones that fit perfectly with the accordion and cello. Dynamic, virtuosic and fragile, the kaleidoscope of sounds designed for “Fractal Beauty” is a bold design on the way to the perfect sound that balances form and freedom; complex music and compelling melodies; tension and relaxation; and, above all, pure poetry. It creates a great musical arc that confidently combines jazz, contemporary, and classical music with world music.
Tickets are CHF 31.00-60.60.


Dorfkirche St. Martin Riehen
Kirchplatz 20
4125 Riehen

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