Project Agora — Oliver Klostermann X Jeremy Black

Saturday, 06 May

Project Agora is a post-genre festival founded in Basel that is supported by the Verein Project Agora. The festival represents a new Basel platform to create a dialogue between people of all ages, backgrounds, and preferences through music and to broaden their perception by offering new sound experiences by bringing new acoustic experiences to life.
This concert brings a synthesis of East and West (West Coast + Eastern Europe) that reaches across the Atlantic and merges into a sonic musical adventure that combines the ancient, traditional, melodious music of the past with the modernity of today's approach. Oliver Klostermann, a Slovenian pianist, composer, and music producer, will play modern explanations and explorations of Eastern European music on the piano, keyboard, and synthesizer. Psychedelic rock and fusion elements from another time on the West Coast meet modern sound design; Jeremy Black on drum machines and synthesizers will present contemporary rhythmic compositions based on California rock music from a time of love, peace and revolution.


Holzpark Klybeck
Uferstrasse 40
4057 Basel

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