Special Night—”LIFE” Immersive Digital Art Show

Lichthalle MAAG, Zürich
20:30, 21:00, 21:30

For 4 weeks on Friday and Saturday night, the artist collective Projektil will be organizing their "Special Nights" with presentations of the digital art show "LIFE," a magical creation of a new dimension. “LIFE” stages the birth of life—immersive and heartbreaking. The abstract homage to our blue planet takes you to the first day of existence and miraculously catapults you through time. It's the magical emergence of a new dimension in the middle of Switzerland.
Thanks to elaborate animations, projected onto the walls, ceiling, and floor, you move right in the middle of the action and are a part of “LIFE.” From abstract digital art and immersive photo exhibitions to moving live performances, the Special Nights ensure unforgettable moments!
The show lasts 30 minutes and there are three slots per night, starting at 20:30. Make an entire evening of it and enjoy fine à la carte dining in their onsite Bistro k2/Bistro Lichthalle (directly at the Lichthalle MAAG), before visiting the immersive digital art show.
Tickets are CHF 19.


Lichthalle MAAG
Zahnradstrasse 22
8005 Zürich

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