The Basel Lute Parcours

Various Locations
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Sunday, 30 October

At this musical event organized by the ReRenaissance project, you can experience lute music from the Renaissance at four intimate locations in Grossbasel and Kleinbasel, with a stop for coffee and cake in between. You will be moving between the locations in groups of up to 50 people, accompanied by a guide. At each location, one lutist will present works from the 15th and 16 century for one of the most popular instruments of the Renaissance. To learn more about the event and the music, you can watch their video blog at
Each group starts at one of the four locations, including Waisenhaus campus in Kleinbasel at the "Laienrefektorium," Waisenhaus campus at the Rhyblick, St. Alban Tal in Grossbasel at Zunziger Mühle, and St. Alban-Tal at Sternensaal. After each listening to two concerts, all groups will meet at the "Haus zum Hohen Dolder" in St. Alban-Vorstadt for an apero, before moving on to the other two locations. Registration is necessary via their website ( or by phone at +41-79-744-8548; at the time of registration you need to select one of the four starting points.
The event is free, but there will be a collection at each of the four concert locations.


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