Tribute Nights — Flaming Pie

Atlantis Basel
Saturday, 18 November

Who is more suitable for the Beatles' songs than the legendary drummer Düde Dürst of the Swiss Beatles (Les Sauterelles)? In 1966, he played with them at the Star Club Hamburg, at the Atlantis in Basel, and later several times at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. And what happens if Dürst teams up with guitarist and singer Adi Weyermann, who only started making music because of his parents' Beatles record collection? And what if these two bring bass ace Thomy Jordi on board? A new project is being created and it's called “Flaming Pie,” loosely based on John Lennon and Paul McCartney's solo record.
The three musicians have known each other for almost 20 years. They have developed a unique telepathy with each other in various band formations and jam situations. Dürst drummed on Weyermann’s solo records (2006-2008) with Jordi on bass, and Weyermann was a band member with Jordi on Dürst’s “Back to the Groove” project. Weyermann also played at the reunion of Dürst’s band Krokodil. Now the three of them are playing Beatles songs for once, in their own way, reduced to the legendary power rock trio format and without any claim to a one-to-one implementation.
If you are a Beattle’s fan, you shouldn’t miss this tribute band at the Atlantis.
Tickets are CHF 30 in advance and CHF 35 at the door.


Atlantis Basel
Klosterberg 13
4051 Basel

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