Dispose of Your Christmas Tree Free of Charge

In Basel-Stadt, getting rid of a Christmas tree, as well as pine branches, Advent wreaths, etc. is easy! You can simply put it out on the curb next to your garbage bag on the day when regular trash is normally picked up in your neighborhood, starting at 19:00 the night before (earliest) up until 7:00 in the morning. No part of it can be longer than 2 meters (roughly 6½ feet), so if it is taller than that, you need to saw it in half. In Basel-Stadt, this service is available for free for the entire month of January!

Christmas trees can also be used in other ways. Branches can be distributed over plant beds, balcony boxes, or under shrubs to protect against the cold. In the spring, pine needles that are scattered around are also good as protection for young plants and against slugs. The branches, in turn, can—according to garbage schedule—be processed into compost by the shredding service or given to the green waste disposal service. Trunk and branches also make good firewood.