Basel’s Police Helps Keep You Safe This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season, and the darker winter months in general, do not only engender good cheer and feelings of comfort at home and with loved ones—they are also prime season for criminals. With masses of shoppers crowding stores and Christmas markets, pickpockets are attracted to the city as well. Moreover, the numbers of home invasions rise in the winter months, as the earlier darkness provides some cover and houses and apartments are empty because people travel for the holidays. The Basel police has launched two campaigns to combat both of these problems.

“Noël” — Basel Stadt’s Campaign Against Pickpockets and Thieves

With its large-scale “Noël” campaign, the Basel-Stadt cantonal police are seeking to keep the number of pickpocket and trick thefts as low as possible. Experience has shown that there are more thieves in the city in the days leading up to Christmas, as they prey on the fact that wallets are usually fuller and people are less careful during this time. Pickpockets and tricksters of both sexes also have their preferred workplace—essentially, the bigger the crowd, the more ideal the conditions for pickpockets. The rate of pickpocketing is highest when boarding a tram, in department stores and other shops, in full restaurants, or at the Christmas market. It often does not even require great manual dexterity for a successful theft. Wallets are carelessly kept in easily accessible places in handbags, shopping baskets, or in the outside pockets of backpacks and are therefore easy prey.

To prevent these thefts, the help of the public is important! Thefts and the observation of suspects should be reported immediately via the emergency numbers 117 or 112. Police cars are currently stationed throughout the city center as bases and contact points. In addition, the presence of uniformed police officers is increased, which has a deterrent effect on potential perpetrators. In addition to these visible measures, the “invisible” police are also on duty—civilian investigators keep their eyes on suspicious individuals and groups and try to catch pickpockets in the act. The “Noël” campaign has been an extremely effective means of combating pickpockets and tricksters in recent years, with all kinds of crooks caught on a nearly daily basis.

With the “Noël” campaign, the Basel-Stadt cantonal police want to keep the number of pickpocketing committed in the run-up to Christmas as low as possible. Be sure to keep your wallets and valuables secure to avoid becoming a victim yourself!

Protect Yourself Against Burglars

The number of burglaries rises significantly during the darker months, particularly after the end of daylight savings time. Therefore, the police has put together some suggestions on how to minimize the risk (in addition to standard recommendations, such as always locking doors and windows).

If you are worried about the security of your home and would like some competent advice, the Basel-Stadt police offers free consultations about how you can better secure your house or apartment. You can call them at 061-267-8284 or send them a mail at to set up an appointment.