Dinosaur Invasion — A Jurassic Exhibition

Messe Basel
Until March 12

A leap into the past 230 million years ago—the interactive exhibition about the Jurassic world is coming to Basel to entertain the whole family with a unique journey into the past. Visitors can explore, get to know, and interact with the largest reptiles that have ever inhabited our planet. With over 30 electronically animated 1:1 scale “living” specimens, visitors will retrace the lives of dinosaurs on the planet, reconstructed in minute detail.

The exhibition includes a journey of about an hour with the possibility of a virtual experience and of accessing the most up-to-date scientific information with the support of an audio guide. The didactic and scientific path is completed by the VR virtual reality stations created to immerse yourself in the Jurassic environment. The itinerary consists of a sequence of islands that reproduce the vegetation and habitat of the different species and allows the visitor to follow the evolution of the dinosaurs starting from the late Triassic, when the first specimens appeared, passing through the Jurassic era, with diversification into different species, until their extinction, which occurred at the end of the Cretaceous, probably following the impact of a large asteroid on Earth about 65 million years ago. There is also a play area at the end of the exhibition, where the children can act as fossil hunters in a space covered with sand.

The exhibit can be visited Monday to Friday from 13:00-18:30 and Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 10:00-19:00; last entry one hour before closing.

Tickets are CHF 20 for adults, CHF 18 for students, CHF 15 for kids ages 3-15, and free for kids up to age 2. Family packages for 2 adults and 2 kids are available for CHF 60.