Flowing Together — Inspiration on the Rhein

Drei Länder Museum, Lörrach
Until May 28

In the Hebelsaal of the Drei Länder Museum, just across the border in Lörrach (D), the exhibit “Zusammen fließen” (Flowing together), will be presented alongside their current main exhibit, “Der Rhein.”
A river is a dynamic place. It can be wild and free or tamed and used. It is alive and it attracts life and thus becomes a meeting place. The Rhein is the subject of the ninth series of the museum’s inclusive art project, “Inspiration.” The cross-border meetings that play an essential role in this project often had to be canceled in the past two years due to the corona pandemic. Hence there was an urgent desire to meet again in person. Several excursions made this possible—a boat trip near Kaiseraugst and trips to the Dreiländerbrücke and the weir in Märkt. These sources of inspiration were complemented by five works of art from the museum’s collection, which resulted in unique works that reflect the diverse talents and creativity of the project participants. The project is generously supported by the Trinational Eurodistrict Basel (TEB) and 10 institutions for people with disabilities in the region.

image: © karl gerstner, “fischer am rhein,” oil on canvas, 1981; sammlung dlm bkge 16